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A Better Future

I’m an economist, a wife and mother, and a 40-year resident of Fairfax County. I am running for Providence District Supervisor because I believe our county has amazing potential to be a thriving, prosperous community where people from all backgrounds can live, work, and play.

After more than twenty years of local government service, I still believe that government works best when people are informed and engaged. I am passionate about the democratic process, and my goal is to allow every voice in Providence District to be heard.

I bring decades of public service, problem-solving, and collaborative decision-making experience to the table, and I want to put that leadership to work for the people of Providence. With your help, we can create a bright future.

My husband, Gary, and I moved to the Mosaic District, a new mixed use development in Providence, to be part of an exciting new lifestyle. The Mosaic District represents a vibrant and smart way forward, and it’s generating an extra $6.6 million in real estate taxes this year.

My experiences on the staff of Supervisor Penny Gross, working in economic development, and seven terms on the Vienna Town Council have prepared me to represent the citizens of Providence District on all the important local issues: budget and taxes, land use and development, public safety, human services, transportation, housing and education funding. I successfully guided Vienna through the Great Recession while increasing the Town’s bond rating to AAA. We need experienced leadership in these uncertain times.

I believe that, done right, new development can serve our growing population in all age groups, enhance quality of life, reduce traffic congestion, improve the environment, and help preserve existing stable neighborhoods by lessening tax burdens on homeowners. There are several areas that will be seeking redevelopment in the coming years, including Tysons, and having a Providence District Supervisor who understands how to make development work to improve the quality of our lives will be essential.

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With Edythe on the Board of Supervisors, the people of Providence will always have someone who’s got their back, who listens to their concerns, and who works tirelessly to help every single member of our community.

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