As the representative for Providence District on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, I will work hard to ensure that the residents receive the best bang for their buck. I have over twenty years of experience in public service and am deeply committed to making the government work for the people so that Fairfax County grows and remains a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive place for us all.


Serving Every Constituent

Whether it’s a rezoning next door or a pothole on your street, addressing constituent needs will be my priority. I will keep you informed and respond to every email, call, and message from constituents.


A Community Where We All Can Thrive

The One Fairfax equity framework is one of the pillars of Fairfax County’s Economic Success Plan. As one of the original members of the Fairfax County Economic Advisory Commission, I worked closely with other community leaders and county officials to develop this plan and ensure that diversity and equity was one of our top priorities. I strongly believe communities prosper only when we develop and implement balanced policies and programs that drive growth through social and racial equity. This applies to all areas of local policy and government, including housing, education, business development, and health care.

Fairfax County also needs to protect the health of our communities by leading the way in sustainability. During my tenure on the Vienna Town Council, I instituted a Green Expo, a venue for the community to learn more about how to make eco-friendly choices. The Town became an early adopter of single stream recycling and participated in Go Green Virginia. I believe Fairfax County must implement green practices, including zero waste and net zero energy buildings. In addition, the county should promote education and other tools to help citizens take action in their own homes and workspaces.


Getting the Most Out of Every Taxpayer Dollar

The Board of Supervisors is responsible for overseeing how the county allocates resources for services like education, land use, and transit. I grew up in a working class family. I know the value of every dollar. The residents of Providence district should feel confident that their hard-earned money is being spent wisely, with a focus on the community’s best interests. This begins with planning strategically and through the lens of equity and inclusiveness.

As a fourteen-year member of the Vienna Town Council, I played a pivotal role in improving Vienna’s bond rating to AAA status, which saves taxpayers money. Improving Vienna’s ability to finance its development and public service priorities took hard work, dedication, collaboration and leadership, and I want to bring those qualities to the table for Fairfax County.


Building Communities Where We Can Live, Work, Play, and Relax

Providence should and can be the envy of northern Virginia and the DMV region. However, we must also maintain our sense of community. Making tough decisions, such as concerning the redevelopment of areas around Tysons, the former ExxonMobil campus, and parts of Fairview Park, will require strong leadership and commitment to making sure the One Fairfax equity framework is part of the entire process.

I have decades of experience working with residents, home and business owners, non-profit housing providers, and local governments to plan and develop sustainable, mixed-use areas, where people can live, work, eat, and spend time with their loved ones. I will focus on efforts to make housing more affordable and non-discriminatory, so that people of all ages, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic status can enjoy the quality of life they deserve. By making Providence a place where everyone can live life to the fullest, we can also reduce traffic, transit headaches, and importantly, greenhouse gas emissions.


Ensuring a First-class Education for All Fairfax County Students

The Board of Supervisors controls the budget for our public schools, but it cannot succeed in building a first-class education system without working closely with the School Board. As a county Supervisor, I would prioritize funding for our schools. We need to be able to raise capital to provide students access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources. We need to show our educators how much we truly value them by paying them well and keeping class sizes down. And we must focus on social and racial justice and put students first, providing them with an inclusive, supportive culture, where they are challenged but prepared for a bright, successful future. I would advocate for continuing to dedicate county resources to nontraditional learning, such as workforce training and continuing adult education. We need a holistic approach that will prepare residents for well-paying jobs and fulfilling lives.


Reducing Traffic Congestion

Reducing traffic congestion is absolutely vital. There is no one solution to this problem. It will require a multi-pronged approach. First, multimodal methods of commuting must be available: Metrorail, buses, roads, bicycling/bike share, and walkable sidewalks. Second, we can help to make telework flourish through investing in a robust technology infrastructure. Third, we need to create more local jobs reducing the need to commute into Washington, DC, and build housing near employment centers. I will work to bring local, regional, state and federal resources to our transportation needs.


Championing First Responders and Public Safety

Our first responders — the police and firefighters — provide crucial services in often difficult, and sometimes hazardous, circumstances. I support efforts that bring service providers and citizens closer such as community policing, Public Safety Cadets, Diversion First, and the Citizens Advisory Committee.

I am also pleased to announce that I have signed ACLU People Power Fairfax’s Candidate Commitment to Reform Fairfax Policies on Immigration, which I believe will make our communities safer by helping to restore trust between immigrants and their families and law enforcement. We should not be using local county resources and taxes to enforce federal laws and regulations.


Improving Access to Affordable Healthcare

I believe healthcare is a human right and that people should have access to affordable, high quality care whenever and wherever they need it. With Medicaid expansion in Virginia now a reality, even as health care costs continue to rise, I will work to ensure that the people of Providence District and Fairfax County know their rights and for which programs they are eligible. I am particularly passionate about mental health, and as a county Supervisor, I will work with non-profit organizations, community leaders, health care sector partners, and patients to redirect people in need of mental and behavioral health care services so that they do not land in the criminal justice system unnecessarily.